A case for using a shared information library

Over time, an information library can be a great source of information for your team. Whether your company uses Sharepoint or Microsoft TFS, FileStack or OneHUB the idea is to adopt and implement a process & a system for archiving and maintaining code changes for each client as well as any break-fixes or subsequent enhancements using SharePoint site.

The Objective

  • Help track changes for each implementation.
  • Check in the code changes per bank and maintain a history of all code revisions.
  • Use of a break-fixes SharePoint page that will contain all the changes made by anyone archived by date.
  • Have a separate section or page that includes all the comments or important information about an implementation.
  • Shared internally across various gourps such as Product Development Group and Product Support Group.

The Opportunity

  • There are many “break-fixes” or modifications that are added to an existing code base over a period of time. Tracking those changes as well as handling the job failures in absence of the primary developer can be challenging and a backup resource will face numerous challenges without the 360 degree knowledge of a particular implementation.
  • Will serve as a search site for any keywords to quickly check if there is any information around it. For example, a keyword search of “Custom code to rollup particular loan types” will yield a result of any items that were checked in or added on the SharePoint site. The scope of the search could include all the banks and will return results related to the keyword.
  • Repository of stored information may include added code snippets, additional logic or requirements implemented in the past, known bugs, discussions and log of any relevant information.
  • Will minimize the amount of time needed for a new or a backup resource to jump into job failures or other issues. Such site will also serve as a knowledge base and as a reference point to check before diving deep into any task.
  • Global search on SharePoint will enable your to look for a particular piece of information across all the banks. Such a wealth of knowledge will increase clarity and negate the reason to reinvent a similar work product that might already be in use at some other bank.
  • Important communications as well as details and insight on all clients can be maintained and retrieved when needed.
  • Such a site will help capture more accurate and detailed information along with the business rules and logic.


  • Create a SharePoint site that will have following features –
    • Code Versioning and comments on all subsequent check-ins of the original code.
    • Archival of all the changes along with discussion board and comments section.
  •  Site for maintaining other key or supplemental information, which can be beneficial to all, as a common knowledge.
    • Create a site for archiving a set of common code that can be reused at a different implementation.
  • Site for archival of “know-how” and “How to” knowledge or tips.

Other Benefits

  • Reduced work time for any fixes or “job fail” resolutions.
  • Easy transition of knowledge between responsible resource and new or a backup resource.
  • Negating the need to re-invent the wheel by making use of existing code library.



With a growing list of  clients, incorporating a shared repository system will surely help meet the challenges of maintaining relevant and critical information for each implementation.